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2002-2003 Conceptual Chemistry

This page last edited August 30, 2003
Period 2 and 4 Classes - Assignments, Due Dates and Links to More Information

Date Assignment or Lesson More Information
9/4 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  Introduction, syllabus, class rules, expectations  
9/5 Distribute safety contract, review general lab safety, student information sheets, emergency contact cards
Mon. 9/9 - safety contract
Parent to sign safety contract
9/6 Introduction to chemistry in real life.  "A Civil Action" video.  Handouts of video guide and vocabulary  
9/9 "A Civil Action" continued.  Thu. 9/12 - vocabulary  
9/10 Finish "A Civil Action"  
9/11 Special program for science classes -Tribute to Sept. 11, 2001.  "World Trade Center - Anatomy of the Collapse" video and follow-up
Thu. 9/12 - worksheet
9/12 Review vocabulary. 
Hmk - Assign essay on "A Civil Action" and begin working on it.  Due Tue. 9/17

LAB: Thinking Cubes #1 and #2 - Making observations.
9/13 Identification of common lab equipment.
Work on essays
Quiz on lab equipment and safety, Fri. 9/20
9/17 2 Hour Delay - Shortened Periods
Collect essays.  Chapter 1A.  Read Pg 2-3 aloud and discuss implications
Quiz on "A Civil Action", Thu. 9/19
9/18 Directed Reading Pg. 2-6; Complete w/s; Review metric; Metric Again h/o, Metric w/s  
9/19 QUIZ - A Civil Action, Pg. 6 - Your Turn
Hmk. Water diary - due 9/23
9/20 QUIZ - Lab Equipment and Safety.   Prepare for lab next week  
9/23 LAB:  Foul Water. Do calculations in next  class  
9/24 Water Use.  Directed Reading pg. 11-18 w/s. The Water Cycle.  
9/25 Bill Nye: The Water Cycle.  Discussion on hydrologic cycle, energy in a water system, and measurement of energy input through temperature change  
9/26 Complete Foul Water lab calculations and turn in.  Using Joe's data complete question in A8.  Finish Pg. 11-18 w/s sections A8 and A9.   Begin vocabulary review for Chapter 1A w/s - due Tues. 10/1  
9/27 NY Times "Water: Pushing the Limits of an Irreplaceable Resource"  Discussion of implications.  Chp. 1A Summary Questions w/s Quiz on Chapter 1A on Thursday 10/3.
9/30 Complete 1A Summary Questions w/s. 
Chapter 1B.  Introduction to Physical Properties of Chemicals.   Density, calculation of density.
Demo:  Density Column with brass, aluminum, Karo syrup, glycerin, rubber, ethylene glycol, plastic,  water, oil, wood, ice, alcohol, cork
10/1 Review 1A Vocabulary and Summary Questions for Quiz.
LAB:  Internet Density Lab
Lab canceled due to computer failures.  To be made up next week.
10/2 Review Physical Properties.  Look at graph illustrating 3 states of matter and illustrate boiling point, melting point, freezing point.
Classification of Matter.  Introduce Substances vs. Mixtures
Demo:  Chemical Sunset
10/3 QUIZ: Chapter 1A.  Vocabulary for 1B.1-1B.4 w/s (pg. 20-27)  
10/4 Review Quiz.  Review difference between Substance and Mixture.  Complete substance-mixture w/s.  Pop review. mid markers next week
10/7 LAB:  Internet Density Lab.  Make up.   www.
10/8 Demo:  Lava Lamp - how is that related to density?   Review of density lab results.  What is specific gravity?  Further review on classification of matter.  Review Vocabulary 1B.1-1B.4.
W/S 1B.2 Classification of Matter
10/9 LAB:  1B.3 Mixtures Lab - The Tyndall Effect
Handout on lab, Post-lab questions w/s
Quiz:  Classification of matter
10/10 Atoms and Molecules.  Introduction to Periodic Table of Elements.  Periodic Table h/o, List of Common Elements h/o - to be memorized
Bill Nye:  The Periodic Table - Atoms
10/11 Teacher absent:  Reading and comprehension assignment on chlorination of drinking water   Mid-markers distributed today
10/14 Holiday - No School  
10/15 The Periodic Table.  Learning the elements Many students absent, study hall for remaining students.   (funeral)
10/16 Demo:  Diet Coke vs. Coke - how is that related to density?  Periodic Table h/o, List of Common Elements h/o  - to be memorized.
Lecture:  What is an element?  Chemical symbol, chemical formula, subscript, coefficient, chemical equation, reactants and products
Read pg. 28-29, Your Turn - pg. 29 (in class)
10/17 Demo:  "The Element Song" Lehrer
Review yesterday's lesson, Element Bingo - learn those common elements
Quiz Tuesday, Oct. 22 - Classification of Matter
10/18 1B.5 Focus Assignment (in class), Periodic puns, Element Bingo - if there is time

LAB:  Density Lab - calculating volume, and then density of irregular shapes, graphing results
10/21 1B.5 Focus Assignment (in class), Periodic puns, Element Bingo - if there is time

LAB:  Density Lab - calculating volume, and then density of irregular shapes, graphing results
10/22 Review Classification of Matter w/s for upcoming quiz.
Complete Periodic puns.  Element Bingo - if there is time
You are to have memorized the common elements list by Friday, 10/25.  QUIZ on Matter - see schedule
10/23 MOLE DAY: 
Quiz:  Classification of Matter and Density
for Per. 2
1B.6 Focus Assignment, complete vocabulary for the chapter.
Natl Mole Day.gif (4967 bytes)
10/24 Quiz:  Classification of Matter and Density for Per. 4
Element Limerick, Poem or Song
1B.6 Focus Assignment, complete vocabulary for the chapter.  Element Bingo if there is time
Quiz on Common Elements next week!!!
10/25 Review Quiz.  Complete 1B.6 and vocabulary. Quiz on Common Elements
10/28 LAB:  Mixture Separation.  Inquiry based lab where student designs experiment to solve problem.  
10/29 Quiz:  Common Elements.  Must be able to identify either chemical symbol or element name.  Elements vs. Ions.   How to figure ionic charge from Periodic Table  
10/30 The Octet Rule.  Identifying ions from the Periodic Table, Cations and Anions, Common Ions h/o  
10/31 Halloween in the Graveyard!!!  Research and create headstone for famous chemist.  Decorate classroom and learn about spooky chemistry.  
11/1 Back to ionic compounds.  Writing formulas for ionic compounds.  Ionic compounds w/s  
11/4 Demo:  Formulas for ionic compounds with magnetic pieces.   Ionic compounds, polyatomic ions, brackets, superscripts  
11/5 No Classes.  Staff Development Day End of marking period 11/6
11/6 LAB:  1B.8 Water Testing.  Prelab questions, lab, followed by questions 1-4. Quiz on Friday
11/7 Lab Per. 2-3.  50% of Per. 4 class absent  
11/8 Finish and review ionic compounds w/s 1B.6.  Page 37 - Chapter summary questions.  Review for quiz  
11/11 Holiday - No School  
11/12 QUIZ:  Atoms and Molecules (not ionic compounds).   Empty Bowls project - extra credit Extra credit if participate in Empty Bowls project
11/13 Ionic compounds w/s - crisscross method
complete as homework
Quiz on 11/19 - ionic compounds
11/14 Read independently "Something in the Water".   Answer questions 1-3 complete as homework  
11/15 Identifying independent and dependent variables, control, and constants; then writing problem statement.  IV & DV w/s complete as homework
LAB:  Ionic Compounds Lab
11/18 Review for quiz.  Identifying variables w/s for Per. 4.  
11/19 QUIZ:  Writing formula and naming ionic compounds
Begin New Unit - SOLUBILITY.  The true story about Lake Nyos
11/20 Demo:  Solubility vs. temperature change.  Lecture - solubility.  Read pg. 39-41.  Your Turn pg. 41-42  
11/21 Solubility curves, calculation of concentration from solubility curves, ratio problems.  Complete Your Turn pg. 42  
11/22 C.1 Supplement w/s - Solubility curve problems
complete as homework
11/25 Nova "The Big Spill".  The Exxon Valdez incident.  w/s with questions on the video
complete as homework
11/26 Solubility and concentration calculations.  Refresher on ionic compounds  
11/27 Shortened period. SNOW DAY  
11/28 Thanksgiving Holiday  
11/29 Thanksgiving Holiday  
12/2 2 Hr. Delay.  Shortened Period.  Solubility Curves w/s  
12/3 Review Solubility Curves w/s.  Concentration calculations.  Your Turn pg. 43-44. Thu 12/5 - Quiz on Solubility
12/4 Complete Your Turn pg. 43-44 and review. Begin 1C.5 "You Decide"  
12/5 Early dismissal due to snow.
QUIZ: Solubility Curves
12/6 Delayed opening -
LAB:  Growing Crystals in Supersaturated Solutions - Making Rock Candy and Peanut Brittle  rescheduled lab for 12/12. 
Chemical Reactions - Bill Nye
12/9 Finish 1C.5 "You Decide"  
12/10 Introduction to Acids, Bases and pH Scale.  Pg. 51-52 - Complete notes w/s and answer questions on 1C.6 w/s  
12/11 Review 1C.6 w/s; discussion of poison control concepts, what is Acid Rain and how is it caused.  
12/12 LAB:  Growing Crystals in Supersaturated Solutions - Making Rock Candy and Peanut Brittle  canceled due to scheduling complications with cooking teachers
Read aloud "Chemmatters" 4/83 on Acids and Bases in Hair Care, Equation analysis test
12/13 1C.9 - Heavy Metal Ions w/s
LAB:  Red Cabbage Indicator pH Lab
12/16 1C.9 - Heavy Metal Ions w/s
LAB:  Red Cabbage Indicator pH Lab
12/18 Quiz on pH, acids and bases
12/17 Septic systems and sewage treatment plants.  1D.4 - Municipal Water Purification w/s in class.  Review for quiz.  
12/19 Demo- soap scum; 1D.1-1D.3 -Water Purification and Treatment   w/s; hard water and water softeners  
12/20 Per. 2 - to be taught by Adam and Gio
Per. 4 - to be taught by Catherine, Rena and Janet
Have a great winter recess!   See ya 1/2/03.
12/23 - 1/1 WINTER BREAK  
1/2 Return graded work.  Explain grades, and upcoming assignments.  20 question pop review  
1/3 EARLY DISMISSAL DUE TO WEATHER.  Introduce 2nd marking period research project Projects due Wed. 1/15
1/6 Introduction to physical and chemical properties and change.  Multiple stations with demonstrations.  
1/7 Re-introduce research project.  Recycling of Resources and Relationship to Chemical and Physical Change and Properties.  Pg. 103 "Your Turn". How to do references.
LAB:  Zip-top lab
Remember:  Presentations begin 1/15
1/8 Media Center:  Opportunity to do internet research on project assignment. Some internet sites I found that might help
1/9 How to create a flowchart.  Review independent and dependent variables.  Chemical & Physical Properties w/s, Chemical and Physical Change w/s  
1/10 Mid-term CAPT style lab.  "Sorting Trash"
Lab report due 1/14
1/13 "Sorting Trash" lab continued  
1/14 Still working on CAPT style lab
Extension on lab report, due 1/16
1/15 Still working on CAPT style lab  
1/16 Finish lab reports (FINALLY!).  Time to work on projects in class after lab reports completed. Extension on project.  Due 1/17.  Presentations begin 1/17 
1/17 Review lab.  Projects due. 
Presentations on STS project
  See pictures.
1/21 Complete presentations in double period.  
1/22 Quiz:  Chemical and Physical Change and Properties.  How are they related to our ability to recycle resources?  
1/23 Mid-term review Unit 1 Vocabulary
Outline for Review
1/24 Mid-term review  
1/27 Per. 2 class  - Mid-term 9:20 am to 10:45am  
1/28 Per. 4 class - Mid-term 9:20 am to 10:45am  
1/31 Last day of 2nd marking period.  Regular bell schedule.   Glaze bowls or alternate assignment  
2/2 Return and review student work.  Midterm CAPT labs, Midterm exams, and 1 quiz
Counting atoms.
2/3 Law of conservation of matter; counting atoms; determining whether a chemical equation is balanced
2C.1 w/s started in class
2/4 Complete above worksheet.  Begin to balance chemical equations by counting atoms first.  2C.1 Supplement w/s  
2/5 Balancing chemical equations.  Next level of complexity.
Complete 2C.1 Supplement w/s
2/6 Balancing chemical equations.  w/s #2  
2/7 SNOW DAY  
2/10 Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources.  Read pg 95-99.   2A5-6 w/s
Hmk: Balancing Chemical Equations w/s Due 2/11
Quiz - 2/14 - Balancing Equations
2/11 Alchemy and making gold
LAB:  "Stike It Rich" Turning copper into gold
2/12 TEACHER ABSENT.  "Garbage" video.   Discussion tomorrow on impact on natural resources  
2/13 Natural resources, alchemy, review of balancing equations  
2/14 QUIZ: Balancing Equations and Natural Resources
Have a wonderful week, see you on 2/24
2/24 Trends of Periodic Table - lecture and notes  
2/25 Elements & Periodic Table worksheet - color, find elements
2/26 - complete w/s
LAB:  2B8 revised - Metal Reactivity Lab
Quiz - 3/3 - Periodic Table
2/26 Introduction to Periodic Trends.  Periodic Table worksheet and puzzler  
2/27 Calculating protons, neutrons and electrons from atomic mass and atomic number - worksheet
Find # and shape patterns worksheet - looking for trends
Remember quiz Monday
2/28 Video "The Making of Liberty".  Review of periodic table.  
3/3 QUIZ: Periodic Table and Calculating protons, neutrons and electrons  
3/4 Introduction to the Mole and Avogadro's Number.  The Mole h/o Bring calculators
3/5 90 minute delay due to weather.
The mole and its relationship to atomic mass.  Molar mass.  Mole h/o
LAB:  Candle Burning Mole Lab
Need calculators!!
3/6 Snow Day  
3/7 90 minute delay due to weather
Lab for Per. 2
Calculating Molar Mass.
3/10 Calculate Molar Mass.  C.3 handout.  Complete problems 1-5 on Gram formula mass review w/s  
3/11 Calculate Molar Mass.  Finish problems on Gram formula mass review w/s. 
Calculate moles from mass.
3/12 For grade:  Gram formula mass w/s and Moles and Mass w/s Quiz on Friday.  Need calculator
Review of mole problems in preparation for quiz
3/14 QUIZ: Moles and Mass  
3/17 Complete Candle - Mole Lab.  Calculating percent composition. makeup all quizzes.
3/18 Calculating percent composition.   Extracting copper from ore.  Complete "Your Turn C4 Supplement"w/s  
3/19 Complete "Percent Composition" w/s.  Complete Conceptual Chem Unit 2A-C crossword (vocabulary from the unit)  Complete as homework  
3/20 Complete puzzle.  Moles & Mining w/s Quiz - 3/21-Percent composition
3/21 LAB:Periodic Table on the Internet
QUIZ: Percent composition from molar mass
Complete labs
"20th Century with Mike Wallace - Insidious Killers, Chemical & Biological Weapons"  w/s to complete
3/26 Discuss video.  Introduction to Redox Reactions  
3/27 Redox reactions.  Redox Half Reactions w/s #1  
3/28 Build atoms with gum drops.   Practice making ions and identifying the oxidation number from the Periodic Table.   Redox Half Reactions.  
3/31 Alternative assessment. Read "Statue of Liberty" 4/85 - ChemMatters and answer questions for quiz grade.
Cooperative Learning Assignment for Lab
Alternative to quiz on Redox half reactions.
Pop culture quiz.  Work in groups and see how "up" you are.
4/2 DEMO: Electrochemical silver polish.  Electrochemical reactions.  Alternative materials. CAPT Labs begin 4/15 for all students in Conceptual Chem.
4/3 Review Unit 2 for test.   Prepare for Anodizing Lab.  
4/4 LAB: Anodizing Aluminum Lab
Cut Al pieces, cut Pb pieces and attach to wire
Clean and prep lead and aluminum for anodizing
Per. 2 - Pg. 143 Questions 1-9
Per. 4 - Anodize aluminum pieces
4/9 Anodize aluminum, colorized anodized pieces  
Pg. 143, Questions 1-9; Review of Unit 2 for test
4/11 Demo - Copper plating.  How do batteries work?
Why did some of the anodizing fail?
Finish Pg. 143, Q1-9.
Bill Nye video "Electricity"
CAPT Lab class is 4/15-16.Jr. & Sr. must have note to be excused.
4/14 Begin Unit 3. To Build or To Burn?
Petroleum reserves, production and use worldwide and the impact on global politics.  Data from BP.
4/15 Sophmore Survey.  Odd schedule.
CAPT Lab. Periods 2, 3, 4
Students not doing CAPT Lab have study hall.
4/16 CAPT Lab. Periods 2,3,4 Students not doing CAPT Lab have study hall.
4/17 Continue To Build or to burn.   3A worksheet by end of class Field trip May 22. Permission slips & $20 by 5/2
4/28 Normal schedule (B day)
Petroleum distillation columns, covalent bonds, and introduction to Lewis dot structures
4/29 CAPT Exam Schedule.  No Per 6, 7.
Unit 3B w/s on petroleum refining and the relationship to viscosity, boiling point and the # of carbon atoms
4/30 CAPT Exam Schedule.  No Per 1,2,3.
Unit 3B w/s on petroleum refining and the relationship to viscosity, boiling point and the # of carbon atoms
CHANGE IN THE DATE!!! Field trip May 29. Permission slips & $20 by 5/6
5/1 CAPT Exam Schedule.  No Per 4.  
Lewis dot and structural diagrams of hydrocarbons.  Building carbon chains.
CHANGE IN THE DATE!!! Field trip May 29. Permission slips & $20 by 5/6
5/2 Normal schedule (F day)
LAB: Per 3-4  Building models of hydrocarbons
Lewis dot and structural diagrams of hydrocarbons.  Building carbon chains.
5/5 Normal schedule (A day)
LAB: Per 2-3  Building models of hydrocarbons
Video "October Sky". Lab to be made up during wk
Remember money and permission slips by 5/6
5/6 CAPT Exam Schedule. No Per 6,7,1
LAB: Per 2  Building models of hydrocarbons
Pg 171 "Your Turn", alkanes and boiling point
5/7 CAPT Exam Schedule. No Per 2,3
Complete Pg. 171 "Your Turn"
5/8 CAPT Exam Schedule. No Per 4
Complete Pg. 171 "Your Turn"
5/9 Normal schedule (E day)
Complete Pg. 171 "Your Turn"
5/14 - Quiz on Alkanes, fractional distillation, Lewis dot, structural formulas
5/12 Review.  Alkane, alkene, alkyne; structure of hydro- carbons w/s; IUPAC naming of hydrocarbons Remember QUIZ on Wednesday
5/13 LAB: Paper chromatography
Pg. 173-174 "Your Turn"
Quiz tomorrow
5/14 QUIZ: Hydrocarbons, distillation, alkanes and Lewis dot and structural formulas  
5/15 Per. 2 - Isomers, Pg. 173 "Your Turn"
Hydrocarbons for energy
By June 10-white cotton Tshirt or other clothing - washed and labeled for tie dye lab
5/16 Energy conversions in automobiles.   Per. 2 make-up Lab:  Construct models of hydrocarbons  
5/19 Demo: Ammonium chloride in water vs. calcium chloride in water.
Energy in chemical reactions.  Endothermic vs. Exothermic, Specific heat capacity, Heat of combustion
Field trip May 29
By June 10-white cotton Tshirt or other clothing - washed and labeled for tie dye lab
5/20 Pg. 189 3C.6, Pg. 191 Your Turn - Calculating Heats of Combustion  
5/21 LAB: B3 Heat of Combustion Lab  
5/22 Demo: 2 stroke engine.  How does an engine actually work.  What about diesel?  
5/22 Rules for the field trip -
Calculating heat of combustion
Field trip May 29
By June 10-white cotton Tshirt or other clothing - washed and labeled for tie dye lab
5/23 Combustion in the Internal Combustion Engine w/s Quiz 5/30 - Seniors heads up!!!
5/26 HOLIDAY  
5/27 Octane Number - what is it? Finish answering questions on Pg. 191 "Your Turn"
Part B Summary Questions, pg. 174 w/s
5/28 Review for test - alkanes, alkenes, alkynes; heat of combustion calculations, Lewis dot, structural formula, boiling point, isomers, IUPAC convention, endothermic/exothermic,  how does an engine work? Field Trip tomorrow
5/29 Field Trip - Lake Compounce
Attend Per. 1 class.  Remember to complete assignment package.
Quiz tomorrow
5/30 Complete field trip package w/s.   Review for quiz.  Date changed because seniors totally unprepared.   Ungraded to test. TEST MONDAY!!!
6/2 TEST: Unit 3 - Hydrocarbons, combustion, engines Next few days last chance to make up labs and owed work
6/3 Unit 5: Nuclear Chemistry
Introduction to electromagnectic spectrum, and issues surrounding nuclear energy
By June 10-white cotton Tshirt or other clothing - washed and labeled for tie dye lab
6/4 NE Utilites video on Nuclear Energy.  Discussion of nuclear power.  Initial vocabulary list  
6/5 Read Unit 5.A (pg 272-275)
Complete 5.A Reading Guide w/s
6/6 Vocabulary of nuclear energy This may be rescheduled due to planned program for seniors.
6/9 "Why the French Like Nuclear Energy"  Frontline: Nuclear Energy - Why do Americans Fear Nuclear Power 9/11 Quiz on vocabulary
By June 10-white cotton Tshirt or other clothing - washed and labeled for tie dye lab
6/10 LAB:Making Slime
6/11 QUIZ: Vocabulary of Nuclear Energy (last quiz of the year)  
6/12 Read Unit 5.B
Complete 5.B Reading Guide w/s
Chemistry of dyes.  Indigo, blue jeans and how the West was won. 
Prepare shirts for tie dying process.   See link for information on how to tie shirt.
6/13 Dye shirts.  Take them home and allow to process for 24 hours, then wash out dyes, and machine wash  
6/16 Review for final exam.   Seniors with B or better average of 3rd & 4th marking periods are exempt from the exam but not from class.  
6/17 Review for final exam.  All textbooks returned and fees for breakage settled.  
6/18 Last chance to review for final exam.  
6/19 Final exam for Period 2 class.  
6/20 Final exam for Period 3/4 class.
6/25 Last day of classes.

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