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This page last edited August 27, 2003
Period 5 and 7 Classes - Assignments, Due Dates and Links to More Information

Date Assignment or Lesson Homework More Information
9/4 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Introduction, Syllabus,  Expectations and Class Rules, H/O on both; Introduce Daily Trivia Question    
9/5 Distribution of textbooks; Student information cards and H/O; hmk Preview textbook w/s; cover textbooks by Mon. Wed. 9/6 - Don't let textbook scare you.  Cover textbook by 9/9  
9/6 Review textbook preview; Review metric conversions - Metric Again h/o; Metric w/s by end of class    
9/9 Review answers to Metric w/s; check textbooks; Metric Do Now w/s; Review factor label method; Factor label w/s Tue. 9/10 - Metric Do Now w/  
9/10 Review scientific method; Scientific method h/o; Review split page note taking; Hmk read pg 7-11 and write split page notes for material read

LAB: Discovery Lab - Using the senses to make observations
Thu 9/12 - read pg 7-11 and write split page notes for material read  
9/11 Special program for science classes- Tribute to Sept. 11, 2001 - WTC "Anatomy of the Collapse" ; video w/s Thu 9/12 - video w/s  
9/12 Review note-taking exercise.  Lecture - The Origins of Earth; Metric picnic exercise; Hmk read pg 17-20 - you decide whether to take notes - will check on understanding Fri 9/13 -  read pg 17-2 Open House
9/13 Review reading using questions on pg. 20 - Shape of the Earth?  How was the circumference measured?
Inference vs. Fact - It's All in the Rocks w/s
9/17 2 Hour Delay - Shortened Periods.  Review Graphing rules with h/o; Hmk Graphing Problems due tomorrow and "How does science work?" due Thurs. Wed. 9/18  - Graphing Problems
Thu. 9/19 - "How does science work?"
Quiz - Metric conversions
9/18 QUIZ - Metric.  Using the triple beam balance, M&M graphing problems due 9/20; Lab Report Format h/o; 9/20 - M&M graphing problem
9/19 LAB:  Money Trouble - due 9/26
Formal Lab Report Required.   Complete M&M problem
9/26 - Money Trouble, formal lab report 
  Finish all M&M graphing.  (M&M's by color; M&M's color by percent; Number M&M's by mass)  HMK. Read 109-114, Q 1-5 9/23 - Read 109-114, Q 1-5 Money Trouble Lab due 9/26
9/23 FALL EQUINOX!! Return papers, review grades, review questions regarding formal lab.
Mapping.  Differences between map types, longitude, latitude and map distortion
Hmk.  Review questions for Chapters 1 &2
Wed 9/25 - Review questions for Chapters 1 &2 TEST:  Chapters 1 and 2 on Thu, 9/26
9/24 Chapter 7 - Mapping.  GPS - Constructing detailed maps with coordinate data; Hmk due Fri. 2 w/s "Viewpoints" and "Maps"
Answers to the Review Questions for Test
9/26 - Money Trouble Lab
Fri. 9/27 - Viewpoints w/s and Maps w/s
Problems with GPS, lab not due because incomplete
9/25 Review study guide questions.  Answer questions on Money Trouble Lab due tomorrow. Lab due 9/26  
9/26 TEST Chapters 1 & 2.  Work on "Viewpoints" and "Maps" w/s due tomorrow. 9/27 - two worksheets  
9/27 Topographic Maps.  Demonstrate contour lines and contour interval.  H/O Interpreting contour lines and H/O Sleeping Giant topo map.
LAB: Build Sleeping Giant - create mountain model from topographic map
Hmk: Read pg. 115-120, define all words in bold
Mon. 9/30 - Read pg. 115-120, define all words in bold Sleeping Giant Picture
9/30 Check vocabulary homework.  Review topographic maps and how to read them. 
Draw elevation profile of Sleeping Giant (extra credit for those who choose to use 10m contour interval rather than 50m contour interval) and compare to picture of Sleeping Giant - more difficult version due Wed.
Tue. 10/1 or    Wed. 10/2 depends on level of difficulty selected - Draw elevation profile of Sleeping Giant  
10/1 Review longitude and latitude.  Map Activity - Pg. 124 - answer all questions
Hmk. Read pg. 121-123.  Define all remaining vocabulary words on pg. 126
Wed. 10/2 - Read pg. 121-123.  Define all remaining vocabulary words on pg. 126  
10/2 Chapter 7 worksheet - answer questions both sides.  All owed work must be turned in no later than Friday 10/4 for partial credit.   Mid-markers next week. Wed. 10/3 - Chapter 7 worksheet - answer questions both sides. Complete worksheet as homework if not completed in class.   Due 10/3
10/3 LAB:  Topographic Graphing Lab.   Measure elevations in 5 black boxes.  Save data for entry into computer next week.
Hmk.  Pg. 126, Q 1-18.
Fri. 10/4 - Pg. 126, Q 1-18.  
10/4 Review Pg. 126 answers.  "Reading a Topographic Map" w/s - to be completed by end of class. No homework.   Test on Chapter 7 next Thu. 10/10
10/7 LAB:  Topographic Graphing Lab continued.   Enter black box data into Excel and create 3D representations of what was in the box, create an elevation profile in Excel.
LAB:  7A w/s "Mapping a Mountain".  Create mountain of playdough and make contour map of your creation.  Answer questions on lab h/o.
All due Wed. 10/9.
Wed. 10/9 - Lab 7A, Answer questions on lab h/o.  
10/8 Review for Quest.  Page 127 Interpret and Apply Q1-7.   Complete as homework Wed. 10/9 - Page 127 Interpret and Apply Q1-7.  
10/9 Review Q1-7 form Pg. 127, Finish Lab 7A. Study for test, no other homework. No homework.  Test Test 10/10.
10/10 TEST: Chapter 7. No homework No homework.    
10/11 ASTRONOMY:  Video "The Creation of the Universe" - 88 min. over 2 periods.  W/S on video, followed by discussion. No homework. No homework   Mid-markers distributed today
10/14 Holiday - No School     Earth Science Week Oct. 14-18
10/15 Finish video and w/s.
Hmk:  Read pg 359-364 for tomorrow, Pg. 364 Q1-7 due Thu.
Thu. 10/17 - Read pg 359-364 for tomorrow, Pg. 364 Q1-7  
10/16 Introduction to Astronomy.  Chapter 20 - Telescopes and EM Spectrum
Lecture:  Telescopes - optical telescopes, refractor, basic optics, concave and convex lenses
Demo:  Reverse image
See above  
10/17 Lecture:  Reflecting telescope
Review homework in class
LAB:  Telescope Inquiry Lab - Chp 20
No hmk.
No homework  
10/18 Finish Telescope Lab.
Hmk.  Read Pg. 369-371, Pg. 371 Q13-16
Bring in shoebox by Tuesday.
Mon. 10/21 - Read Pg. 369-371, Pg. 371 Q13-16 QUIZ on Tues. - Telescopes
10/21 Review for Telescope Quiz.  Demo:  visible light spectrum; Electromagnetic Spectrum - lecture.  Remember shoebox Tue. 10/22 - Shoebox  
10/22 QUIZ: Telescopes.  Electromagnetic Spectrum continued, 3 types of visible spectra.
No hmk
No homework  
10/23 In Computer Lab.  Doppler Effect Simulation and w/s questions.
Review Q13-16.
Thu. 10/24 - Doppler Effect if not finished in class Don't have shoebox by tomorrow - get zero on lab.
10/24 LAB:  Build Simple Spectroscope   Create spectroscope from shoebox using diffraction grating and view multiple types of spectra and record. Mon. 10/27 - Answer questions on Spectroscope Lab  
10/25 Building Spectroscope continued. 
Hmk: Chap.20 w/s
10/27 - Complete Spectroscope Lab and Chap. 20 w/s  
10/28 Complete Spectroscope Lab and Chap. 20 w/s.
Hmk:  Chap. 20 review questions, read beginning Chap. 21 pg 377-381
10/29 - Chp. 20 Review Questions, Read pg. 377-381 QUIZ on Wednesday.
10/29 Review Chap. 20 w/s and review questions No homework, quiz tomorrow  
10/30 QUIZ: EM Spectrum & Red Shift
Make Astrolabe
Hmk:  Find Polaris, calculate our latitude - due Monday
11/4 - Find angle of Polaris using Astrolabe  
10/31 NOVA:  "Galileo's Battle for the Heavens"
Record what Galileo studied, how he studied, and conclusions he came to
No homework tomorrow, but angle of Polaris by Monday  
11/1 NOVA continued.  From your notes...
Hmk:  Create outline about Galileo's specific contributions; 1) what were they, 2)which were most revolutionary and why, 3) which were wrong and why, 4) which were correct and why
11/4 - Outline, typed about Galileo's specific contributions.
11/4 - Angle of Polaris using Astrolabe
11/4 LAB:  Make a Star Wheel.   Chapter 21 - Stars.  Calculation of latitude from position of Polaris (North Star).  Constellations - lecture - circumpolar and seasonal.  Collect Galileo outlines. 11/6 - Define all bold face words pg. 377-381, Pg. 381 Q4-6 End of Marking Period on 11/6.
11/5 No classes.  Staff development day.    
11/6 Review Pg. 381 Q4-6 and vocabulary.  Discuss Polaris and latitude.  Outline Pg. 382-384 (complete as homework) 11/7 - Outline pg. 382-384  
11/7 Life cycle of stars.  Reading Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram.  11/8 - Stars and Evolution of Stars w/s Quiz 11/8 - Stars
11/8 Review two w/s.  Review HR diagram and star life cycle.   Outline Pg. 385-391 (complete as homework) 11/12 - Outline pg. 385-391  
11/11 School Holiday    
11/12 Review outlines.  Discussion on galaxies.  Explain extra credit opportunity with Empty Bowls project.  Chp 21 review w/s 11/13 - Chp 21 w/s; suggest reviewing pg 394-395 Q1-18 for the quiz  
11/13 QUIZ:  STARS No homework  
11/14 LAB:  Chp 21 - Properties of Stars.   Creating HR diagram from star data - using semilogrithmic graph paper
Per 7 shortened - report cards - Bill Nye - The Sun
No homework  
11/15 Chapter 22 - The Sun.  Introduction to the Sun - lecture.  Outline of notes w/s to complete.  Make diagram of layers of Sun w/s. 11/18 - Read pg 397-401, complete outline  
11/18 Check homework, review outline.  In class - two worksheets on the Sun (vocabulary scramble and sun properties).  11/19 - Read pg 401-407, outline your reading, highlight the vocabulary words on 410 on both Friday's outline and this one.
Look for the Leonid Meteor shower at 5am tomorrow - weather permitting
11/19 Review Star Quiz.  Review 2 worksheets on Sun.   Introduction to geocentric and heliocentric systems.     In computer lab tomorrow 11/21 - Complete Planetary Motions w/s  
11/20 In Computer Lab:  "Search for the Sun" web search.  Answer questions after searching two sites on the Sun.  11/25 - Typed answers to "Search for the Sun"  
11/21 LAB:  Search for the Sun in computer lab.
Per. 5 -Planetary motions as described by Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe, Kepler and Newton
11/25 - Pg. 407, Q10-13 QUIZ - Tues. 11/26 - the Sun
11/22 LAB:  Search for the Sun in computer lab.
Per. 7 -Planetary motions as described by Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe, Kepler and Newton
11/25 - Pg. 407, Q10-13  
11/25 Review the Sun, Planetary Motion.  Review questions for Chp 22 - The Sun No homework, quiz tomorrow  
11/26 QUIZ:  The Sun - Chapter 22 No homework  
11/27 Shortened Class Period.  SNOW DAY    
11/28 Thanksgiving Holiday    
11/29 Thanksgiving Holiday    
12/2 2 Hour Delay for Staff Development.   Assign Solar System Model project See link for due dates for project QUIZ - 12/5 Planetary Motion   - Chp 22
12/3 Review Sun Quiz. Review Questions for Chp 22 - Planetary Motion . Lecture on Planets
LAB:  Solar System Model - in computer lab (Per. 7), research your planet to complete Task 1
12/4 - Chp 22 Review Questions
12/5 Read Pg. 413-416 and outline, define vocabulary - now due 12/9 because of snow  and shortened periods
12/4 LAB:  Solar System Model - in computer lab (Per. 5 class during Per. 6). 
.  Begin making model of planet. 
Study for Quiz tomorrow
Answers to Chp 22 Review Questions
12/5 QUIZ:  Planetary Motion, Chp 22 -2. 
Review ratio problems and map skills.
12/6 - 1 day extension on homework 12/9 - Task 1 due; 12/11 - Task 2 due
12/6 Shortened Period due to Pep Rally. 
Chapter 23 -  Solar System.Work on completing models.  Work on ratio problems and mapping planetary orbits.
12/9 - Task 1 due
12/9 - Read Pg. 417-420 and outline, define & highlight vocab-now due 12/10 because of snow and shortened periods
12/9 Task 1 - Planetary Data Table due.  Survey lecture on individual  inner planets and review of outlines.  History of Space Exploration w/s Pg. 417-420 - see above.
12/10 - History of Space Exploration timeline w/s
12/16 - Task 3 due
12/18 - Task 4 due
12/10 Review of information on Jovian Planets.  Review of History of space exploration.  "Is Pluto a Planet?"  Read article, answer questions and be prepared to discuss. 12/13 - Read Pg. 421-427 and outline, highlight vocab
12/12 - Complete questions on "Is Pluto a Planet?"
TEST on 12/13:  Open notes on Chapter 23 - the Solar System
12/11 Task 2 - Planet Model due.
"Is Pluto a Planet?"  Read article, answer questions and be prepared to discuss.
LAB:  Jupiter and the Galilean Moons
12/17:  Lab due - Jupiter and the Galilean Moons  
12/12 Discussion of difference between planet, asteroid, meteorite and comet.  Time to work on notes and calculate orbit of planet.
LAB:  Jupiter and the Galilean Moons
12/17:  Lab due - Jupiter and the Galilean Moons  
12/13 TEST:  Chapter 23 - Open notes - all short answer and essay.    12/18 - Poster due
12/16 Discussion:  Is Pluto a Planet?
Work on Jupiter Lab, due Tues.
12/17 -  Lab due
12/18 -  Poster due
12/17 Chapter 24 - The Moon.  Demo:  Phases of the Moon; Lecture - The Moon's motions, h/o
Reading:  Pg. 444-448
12/18 -  Poster due!!! Rubric for grading solar system project
12/18 Present Posters on Planets.  Feedback on project.   Lunar month, review phases of moon.    
12/19 "Apollo 13" video.  W/s with questions 12/20 - w/s Apollo 13  
12/20 "Apollo 13" video completed. 12/20 - Apollo 13 w/s Have a wonderful recess!  See ya 1/2.
12/23 - 1/1 WINTER BREAK    
1/2 Return graded work.  Quick review of phases of moon.
Should already have read Pg. 444-448
1/6 - Read Pg 437-442 and 449-451
1/6 - Pg. 454-455 "Review" and "Interpret & Apply"
Mid-term CAPT Lab 1/16 and 1/17.   Make sure you are there!
Finished "Apollo 13"
See above.  
1/6 Grade and review homework.  Lecture on tides and influence of Moon.  Earth's Moon w/s. 1/7 - Earth's Moon. Quiz -1/8 Chapter 24 - Moon
1/7 Review Earth's Moon w/s.  Review for quiz - particularly lunar cycle, waxing and waning, tidal influences Quiz tomorrow  
1/8 QUIZ - The Moon - Chapter24
LAB:  Review of Independent and Dependent Variables, Control, and Problem Statements for CAPT Lab
No homework  
1/9 Chapter 25 - Earth's Motions  Lecture & Demo:  The Seasons and Tilt of the Earth's Axis 1/14 - Read Pg. 457-469  Outline what you read.
1/14 - Pg. 472-473 Review, and Interpret & Apply
Quiz - 1/15 or 1/21   Chapter 25 - Earth's Motions - depending upon weather
1/10 Parallax, time zones, and tracking the sun. See above.
1/13 Chp. 25 worksheet for review.    
1/14 Review homework.  Review for quiz. Quiz tomorrow.  Quiz 1/15 - Chapter 25 - Earth's Motions
1/15 QUIZ - Earth's Motions - Chapter 25
Last minute preparations for tomorrows CAPT style mid-term lab.
1/16-17 CAPT Lab for mid-terms CAPT Lab
1/16 LAB:  Mid-term lab.  Will take a minimum of 3 class periods to complete    
1/17 Mid-term lab.    
1/20 Holiday    
1/21 Complete CAPT Labs.
Distribute materials for mid-term review.
50 Facts for Mid-Term Review Per. 5 midterm exam - 1/29, 7:40am
Per. 7 midterm exam - 1/30, 7:40am
1/22 Mid-term review    
1/23 Mid-term review    
1/24 Mid-term review    
1/29 Period 5 class Mid-term exam, 7:40 - 9:05am    
1/30 Period 7 class Mid-term exam, 7:40 - 9:05 am    
1/31 Last day of 2nd marking period.  End of Astronomy Unit.
Glaze pots made for "Empty Bowls" or complete alternate assignment
2/3 Return and discuss student work.  Mid-term CAPT labs, mid-term exams, and 2 quizzes 2/6 - Read, outline pg. 29-35.  Pg 44 "Review" questions Hint:  make sure you do the reading / notes!
Chapter 3 - Atoms to Minerals
Lecture:  Atoms, compounds, minerals, isotopes.  Periodic table h/o
2/5 Two Atoms w/s
Mini-lab: Observing Micro-crystals
Crystal shape and formation
2/6 Lab: Mineral Identification

Assessment of Reading and Notetaking - Atoms, Compounds, Minerals - Chp.3
, open notes quiz
2/7 SNOW DAY    
Chapter 4 - Minerals
Complete Mineral Identification Lab
2/12 - Read, outline pg 47-57 Quiz - 2/14 on Chap. 4
2/11 Per. 5:  Complete Mineral ID Lab
Per. 7: Silicates, carbonates,  iron oxides, sulfides
2/12 TEACHER ABSENT.  Review chapter 4 concepts by completing review questions, complete 2 w/s pages on minerals. 2/13 - Chp 4 Review Questions  
2/13 Review silicates, carbonates, iron oxides, sulfides. Other unique features of minerals such as fluorescence. Answers to Chp 4 review questions  
2/14 QUIZ - Minerals - Chp. 4
LAB - Study of Minerals Web Search
2/24- Have a great week off, see you 2/24
2/24 Chapter 5 - How Rocks Were Formed
Uniformitarianism.  Igneous rocks.  Bowen's Reaction series, plutonic vs. volcanic, felsic vs. mafic
2/25 - Read pg 63-68, you do not have to outline.   Complete Volcanic Rock w/s outlining the information Quiz 2/28 on Chp 5 - Rock formation
2/25 Distinguishing igneous rocks.   Sedimentary rocks.  Lithification, stratification, bedding planes. 2/26-Read pg 69-74, you do not have to outline.  Complete Sedimentary Rock w/s  
2/26 Distinguishing sedimentary rocks.   Metamorphic rocks and the rock cycle. 2/27-Read pg 76-79, you do not have to outline.  Complete Metamorphic Rock w/s  
2/27 Observing metamorphic.   Looking at rocks collected and making identifications.  Review for quiz. 2/28 - Quiz tomorrow 2/28 - Quiz tomorrow
2/28 QUIZ-Rock Formation - Chap 5 3/3 - Read pg 233-239-take notes  
3/3 Chapter 13 - Plate Tectonics
National Park Project
Wegener and Theory of Continental Drift, Pangea, Theory of Plate Tectonics, Seafloor spreading and Plate Boundaries
LAB: Plate Tectonic Boundaries Lab
3/6 - Bring all textbooks to class, covered
3/28 - National Park Project
Reference Guidelines
3/4 LAB:  Plate Tectonics Lab Revised and Simplified
Continental Drift vs. Plate Tectonics
Convergent Plate Boundaries
3/6 - Read pg 240-247 and take notes
3/6 - Remember textbooks!
3/5 90 minute delay due to weather
Diverging and Transform Plate Boundaries, Seafloor spreading and Mid-oceanic ridge
Assignment (date not specified) - Chap 13 vocabulary
3/10 - Plate Tectonics Lab On 3/19, Per. 6 all Earth Sci classes to hear "Lost Ark" presentation
3/6 Snow Day    
3/7 90 minute delay due to weather
Make models of plate boundaries
Check textbooks, cover classroom set
3/10 - Plate Tectonics Lab
3/11 - Chp. 13 Vocab w/s
3/10 Seafloor spreading, magnetic reversals, and convection in the mantle.  2 w/s Plate Tectonic, Continental drift and illustrations 3/11 - Chp. 13 vocabulary
3/11 - 2 w/s plate tectonics
3/11 Review vocabulary and two worksheets
LAB: Volcanoes - Nat'l Geographic video
3/17- Read pg 253-263 and outline 3/14-Quiz-Chp 13, Plate Tec.
3/12 Critical thinking Chp 13.  Review questions for Chp. 13 3/13 - Review questions  
Reviewed questions
Answers to Review Questions
Quiz tomorrow
3/14 QUIZ-Plate Tectonics-Chp.13
Work on homework while remainder of class completing quiz.  Remember to come prepared to tell me which park you are doing on Monday.
3/17- Read pg 253-263 and outline
3/28 - National Park Project National Park Project
Reference Guidelines
On 3/19, Per. 6 all Earth Sci classes to hear "Lost Ark" presentation
3/17 Chapter 14 - Volcanoes
Types of volcanoes, variations in igneous rock.  Type of volcano w/s, Volcanoes & Earth's Moving Plates w/s
3/18 - Complete worksheets using notes
3/21 - Rough draft or information on National Park
3/18 Types of eruptions - rift, subduction boundary and hot spot
Composite volcano h/o. "Volcanoes & Earth's Moving Plates" w/s.
3/19 - Read pg 264 to end of chapter.
"Lost Ark" tomorrow 6th period
3/19 LAB:  "Lost Ark" in library
Intrusive rock formations.   Sills, dikes, laccoliths, batholiths, volcanic necks, stocks
GEODe - TASA CD-ROM of the above; Construct volcano from playdough and answer questions.
3/20 - Complete Chp. 14 worksheet Per. 5 class - make up gym or health class tomorrow
3/20 Review worksheet. Short quiz on volcanoes tomorrow 3/21 - Quiz - Chp 14, Volcanoes
3/21 QUIZ - Volcanoes - Chp. 14 3/24 - Bring all your research on your Nat'l Park - you must have completed some of the project
3/26 - Read pg 271-276 and outline
Remember:   3/28
National Park Project
Reference Guidelines
Review status of Nat'l Park Projects
3/26 - Read pg 271-276 and outline  
"Killer Quake!" Nova video.  Answer questions on worksheet.
Note:  typo on URL on handout.   Go to
REMEMBER:  project due Fri.
3/26 Chapter 15 - Earthquakes   Elastic-rebound theory.  Wave types.  S, P and L wave demonstrations.   The seismograph 3/31 - Read pg 277 - 282  and outline  
3/27 LAB: Relationship of earthquake depth to plate boundaries 3/28 - National Park Project  
3/28 LAB: Epicenter Location Lab locate epicenter and determine the intensity of an earthquake using a computer program.
Wave velocities, earthquake damage.
4/1 - Read pg 277 - 282  and outline
4/1 - 3 part Epicenter Location Lab
The CAPT lab for Mrs. Whalen's Earth Science classes will be Apr. 4th for 7th period class, and Apr. 7th for 5th period class.  You do not want to be absent!!!
CAPT exams begin the week after Spring Break (week of 4/28/03), schedule to follow
3/31 Finish epicenter lab 4/1 - Read pg 277 - 282  and outline
4/1 - 3 part Epicenter Location Lab
4/1 Teacher Absence Due to Illness -
Work on Chp 15 Review Questions
4/3 - Review questions  
4/2 Moho Discontinuity, Shadow Zone
Chp 15 w/s
Answers to Review Questions Quiz - 4/8 - Earthquakes
4/3 Review Chp 15 - Earthquakes
Begin CAPT practice
CAPT Practice Questions 4/4-CAPT Lab for Per  7
4/7- for Per 5
4/4 CAPT LAB: Per 6 & 7
Per 5 review for CAPT
No homework  
CAPT LAB: Per 5 & 6
Per. 7 finish CAPT lab
No homework
4/8 - Quiz - Earthquakes
Quiz - 4/8 - Earthquakes
QUIZ:Earthquakes - Chp 15
Bouchard - Natural Resources
4/9 Per. 5 & 7 finish CAPT lab    
4/10 Chapter 16 - Mountain Building 4/14 - Read pg 291-301  
4/11 "River of Stone" John Wesley Powell and exploration of the Grand Canyon    
4/14 LAB: 16A-Faulting & Folding
Mt. Building h/o
4/15 - Mt. Building / Faulting h/o  
Finish lab, Practice CAPT questions
4/16 - Practice questions CAPT exams begin Tue. 5/29
4/16 Chp 16 w/s review. 
Relative ages of rocks.  Superposition and Unconformity
No Homework Field trip, May 30
Permission slips & $19 by 5/2/03
Practise exercises from blue book
No homework over vacation CAPT exams begin Tue. 5/29
4/18- 4/25 HOLIDAY No homework  
4/28 Normal schedule (B day)
Connecticut Geology.  CT bedrock map, Outline of CT geology, CT tectonic history exercise w/s
Read "Outline of CT geology" by next class period Field trip, changed to 5/29
Permission slips & $19 by 5/2/03
4/29 CAPT Exam Schedule.  No Per 6, 7.
Complete CT bedrock map and tectonic history exercise
No homework  
4/30 CAPT Exam Schedule.  No Per 1,2,3.
LAB:Per.6-7 Review CAPT labs, CAPT lab questions
Complete CT bedrock map and tectonic history exercise
No homework Congratulations to all Earth Science students - you really excelled on the CAPT lab
5/1 CAPT Exam Schedule.  No Per 4.
LAB:Per.5-6 Review CAPT labs, CAPT lab questions
Practice CAPT exam, CT geologic timeline
Field trip, changed to 5/29
Permission slips & $19 by 5/2/03
5/2 Normal schedule (F day)
Review CT geology
5/5-Illustrate assigned date to create CT Geologic Timeline Remember field trip
5/5 Normal schedule (A day)
TEACHER ABSENT DUE TO ILLNESS.  Read pg 85-89 & 93-96; be prepared to discuss in next class
5/6 (Per 5), 5/7 (Per 7)-Read pg 131-136, define all bold & italic vocabulary words.
5/8 - Quiz on CT Geology
5/8-Quiz on CT Geology
5/6 CAPT Exam Schedule. No Per 6,7,1
Review natural resources reading; discuss difference between renewable and non-renewable; examples
Science CAPT Exam tomorrow - do your best!!!  
5/7 CAPT Exam Schedule. No Per 2,3
Chapter 8 - Weathering, Soils, Mass Movement
Weathering/Erosion concept map; Weathering w/s
5/9 - Read pg 138-143, define all bold & italic vocabulary words.  
5/8 CAPT Exam Schedule. No Per 4
QUIZ:CT Geology
LAB:Temperature & Chemical Weathering
(pg. 144-145)
5/12 - Complete lab Date of field trip changed to 5/29.  Combined with chemistry classes
5/9 Normal schedule (E day)
Plan lunar eclipse party for 5/15
LAB:Temperature & Chemical Weathering (pg. 144-145)
Soil formation, soil profile, illustrate soil profile, Soil w/s
Time permitting - see soil profile
5/12 - Complete lab
Date of field trip changed to 5/29.  Combined with chemistry classes
5/14-Quiz Chp 8 is planned
5/12 Review Soils w/s; Review Weathering w/s; Review CT Geology quiz
Weather permitting collect soil profile samples
5/15-Read pg. 149 - 161, define all bold and italic vocabulary words 5/14 QUIZ on soils and weathering
5/13 Analyze soil profile samples for N, P, K using LaMotte 5880 test kits No additional homework.  Quiz tomorrow
5/14 QUIZ: Soils & Weathering-Chp. 8 5/15 - see above Lunar eclipse on Thursday
5/15 Collect additional soil samples; analyze soil for N, P, K No homework Lunar eclipse tonigth - meet 10pm
5/16 Chapter 9 - Groundwater
LAB: Porosity & Permeability
5/19 - Groundwater w/s
5/21 - Read pg 149-157
5/19 Continue with Lab:   Porosity & Permeability Date of field trip changed to 5/29.  Combined with chemistry classes  
5/20 Porosity & Permeability questions, graphs 5/22-Porosity & Permeability Lab, questions and graphs  
5/21 Earth Science Final Exam Project
Choice of projects
Reference guidelines
Groundwater - water table, saturated zone, etc.
6/16-Final Exam Project - NO LATE PROJECTS ACCEPTED
5/23-Parent - Student Contract due
Field trip 5/29.  Combined with chemistry classes
5/22 Field trip rules.  Soil testing of clays from pond area No homework except final project  
5/23 "Power of Water" video from National Geographic
5 water issues and their impact on enviroment and local life style
No homework except final project  
5/26 HOLIDAY    
5/27 Questions on "Power of Water"; groundwater and wells
LAB: Stream Tables - Impact of gradient on velocity
5/30-Complete lab
5/30-Power of Water w/s
5/30-Read remainder Chapter 9
Field trip 5/29
5/28 LAB: Stream Tables - Impact of gradient on velocity
Groundwater and wells
Field trip tomorrow
5/30-Complete lab  
5/29 Field trip see above Changed Quiz to 6/3
5/30 Complete field trip w/s, Pg. 166 Review questions for Chp 9 6/3-QUIZ on groundwater Remember: Final projects due 6/16
6/2 Review groundwater, permeability, porosity.  Discuss outstanding assignments STUDY for quiz 6/3 Quiz-Chp 9-Groundwater
6/3 QUIZ: Chp 9-Groundwater
Video: Bill Nye "Rivers" (next unit)
Chapter 10-Rivers
6/6 - Read pg 169-181
You will be doing vocabulary words eventually
6/4 Change in Plans... The quiz grades were so terrible that we need to go back to groundwater.
Quiz corrections due end of period
6/6-Pg 169-181, define all vocab in bold and italics
6/16-Final project!!! No late submissions
6/5 Special presentation on geology of Anarctica - Andrew Calhoun Make sure you have completed your reading.  
6/6 LAB: Virtual River Computer Lab
River Discharge
Anticipate a quiz on Chapter 10 vocabulary next week!  
6/9 Meanders, stream age, et.
Chp. 10 Map Activity - Due Wed.
6/11-Review questions worksheet
6/11-Map Activity
Quiz Wed. 6/11
6/10 River Systems w/s
Complete Map Activity
Return textbooks Friday 6/13  
6/11 QUIZ: River Systems - Chp 10 Renember : Final projects are due on 6/16 - no exceptions!!! Collect textbook
6/12 Earth Science Jeopardy    
6/13 Earth Science Jeopardy    
6/16 Final Projects Due.
6/17 Final Presentations    
6/18 Last day of classes.  Final presentations.   Have a wonderful summer!!

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