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Extra Credit
Astronomy Articles

Greening of the Red Planet - A hardy microbe from Earth might one day transform the barren ground of Mars into arable soil.
The Case of the Missing Mars Water - Plenty of clues suggest that liquid water once flowed on Mars --raising hopes that life could have arisen there-- but the evidence remains inconclusive and sometimes contradictory.
New Evidence for an Alien Ocean - Fluctuations in the magnetic field surrounding Jupiter's moon Europa are a telltale sign of salty liquid water beneath the moon's icy crust. Europa could harbor the solar system's largest ocean.
The Great Moon Hoax - Moon rocks and common sense prove Apollo astronauts really did visit the moon.
Blazing Venus - Fiery Venus is a wonderful planet to look at, but you wouldn't want to live there! This is a good time to keep an eye on the second planet from the Sun as it approaches Earth and delivers a dazzling sky show.
Welcome Interference - NASA scientists have combined starlight from two of the largest telescopes on Earth to form an extraordinary new tool in the search for planets outside the solar system.
A Supernova Sheds Light on Dark Energy - A discovery by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope supports the notion that the universe is filled with a mysterious form of energy pushing galaxies apart at an ever-increasing rate.
Global Warming on Mars - Artificial greenhouse gases that are bad news on Earth could provide the means to make Mars a more comfortable place for humans to live.
Unmasking the Face on Mars - New high-resolution images 3D altimetry from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor reveal the face on Mars for what is really is: a mesa.
What Lurks in the Outer Solar System? - It's just a matter of time, say researchers, before astronomers find something as big as Pluto in the chilly outer reaches of the solar system.