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Reading a Topographic Map

The copies of the topographic maps you have are from a single quadrangle, known as Mt. Carmel Southwest Quadrangle. It was produced in 1954, and does not have all the roads and buildings which currently exist.

Answer the following questions on either your map, or on this sheet.

  1. Looking at either the Woodbridge or Bethany section of the map study the spacing between the contour lines. In a color other than black, label an area of steep slope and an area of gradual slope. How did you know what to do?

  3. What is the contour interval of this map?

  5. What is the highest elevation you can find on the Woodbridge side of the map? Circle it.

  7. Look at the key to topographic symbols on page 666 in your book. Find a benchmark on each side of the map and circle it. What was the elevation of each benchmark? What is a benchmark?

  9. On the Bethany side of the map, locate a marsh area and circle it. How did you know it was marshland?

  11. What are the latitude and longitude of the map corners?

  13. Is there a primary highway or road on this map? How is it identified? Circle the identification.

  15. Not many buildings are identified on the Bethany map. What building is clearly identified? Circle it.

  17. What is the elevation of Lake Watrous?

  19. What is the elevation at the Bethany airport? How did you know?

  21. Based upon your knowledge of the areas shown, what would a current map show that is not on the 1954 map – other than more buildings and roads.