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Night Lab for Earth Science Students

Mrs. Whalen's Earth Science students are expected to attend one (1) night-time astronomy lab (star party).  These labs will be at the high school.  Students have been provided with the following tentative dates, so they can plan accordingly.  Most evening labs will begin around 8 pm, and end around 9 pm.  Night labs are weather dependent, and students will be provided with instructions for checking for cancellations, check-in procedures, and re-scheduling.  More specific information to follow. 

Parents/guardians who provide transportation to the labs are welcome to stay and participate.  However, we have a limited number of telescopes, and students will get the first opportunities to use them.  If a student wishes to bring his/her own telescope, please do so, but the school (Mrs. Whalen) cannot be held accountable for its possible damage or loss.

Tentative Schedule:

Thu 10/02 First quarter moon, finding constellations, general viewing Postponed - second telescope has not been received
Wed. 10/22 Orionids meteor shower - possibly 10/20 and/or 10/21
as of 10/20 forecast is for showers.  foul weather cancels
Sat. 11/08 Total lunar eclipse
We had a great time.  See our pictures.
Tue. 11/11 Looking for Comet Encke
Foul weather cancelled.
Sat. 11/15 Lake Gaillard public star party - not at high school
New Haven Astronomical Society says this will not be a public star party - we will plan other dates...