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How are Landforms Represented on Flat Maps?


You will be following through with an investigation on the computer at  Follow the steps provided in order to go through the investigation correctly.  Along the way there will be questions for you to answer.  The questions are written below so you will know your location and you do not get lost.


Start Here:                Go to

                                    On the left hand side of the screen is a box for a keycode.

                                    Enter:  ES0307 and click enter.

                                    Observe the pictures and the locations they are from.


1.      Write a detailed description of the topography that you encounter during this flyby.




2. Compare the photo to the topographic map. Describe the pattern of the contour lines around features on the photo.





3. Which part of this land is the last to flood as the water rises?



4. What is the elevation of the points marked A, B, and C?



5. Describe the overall shape of the landscape.




6. What do closely spaced contour lines indicate about the shape of a feature? In other words, when the lines are close together, does the feature have gentle slopes or steep sides?



7. What is the pattern of the contour lines around a simple hill?




8. Make a sketch of the pattern of the contour lines moving up the valley. Draw an arrow to indicate the direction in which water flows across the lines.







9. What landform feature does the model show, and what do hachures on contour lines indicate?



10. Describe the structure inside the box on the map.




11. Identify the features marked at A and B. Where is the elevation highest on this map? Where is it lowest?





12. Which of the landforms was easiest to recognize from its topographic map?