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Video Study Guide: Earth Revealed
Episode 25: Living with the Earth I The Loma Prieta Earthquake

Read the questions first. Then answer them while watching this episode of "Earth Revealed". If you miss it in class you are still responsible for the viewing this segment and answering the questions. The video is available online at . The index for these programs is online at . If you do not have an internet connection at home, view it after school or during study hall in the media center. Each segment is 30 minutes long.

  1. What caused the Loma Prieta earthquake?
  2. What was the magnitude of the quake?
  3. Where was the worst damage?
  4. How did attempts to repair the damage interfere with understanding of the quake?
  5. What was a major problem facing the USGS after the quake?
  6. What are aftershocks?
  7. What was different about the slippage pattern of this fault?
  8. Why was there no surface expression of the quake?
  9. What causes an earthquake?
  10. Why was the Loma Prieta earthquake not unexpected?
  11. What is liquefaction? How did it affect the damage pattern from the quake?
  12. What concerns do geologists have concerning the Hayward fault?
  13. What causes most casualties from quakes. What can be done to prevent them?
  14. What can be done to limit earthquake damage?
  15. What have YOU done to prepare for the coming quake in southern Oregon?