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Video Study Guide: Earth Revealed
Episode 20: Running Water Landscape Evolution

Read the questions first. Then answer them while watching this episode of "Earth Revealed". If you miss it in class you are still responsible for the viewing this segment and answering the questions. The video is available online at . The index for these programs is online at . If you do not have an internet connection at home, view it after school or during study hall in the media center. Each segment is 30 minutes long.

  1. What happens as a river deepens its channel?
  2. What is base level, and what happens to a stream as it approaches base level?
  3. Describe the youthful stage of stream development.
  4. Describe the mature stage of stream development.
  5. Describe the old age stage of stream development and the formation of peneplains.
  6. Discuss the interplay between tectonics and erosion.
  7. Describe the process of rejuvenation.
  8. What are stream terraces and how are they formed?
  9. What are incised meanders and how are they formed?
  10. Why do deltas form at the mouths of rivers?
  11. How much sediment is added to the Mississippi delta every day?
  12. What will it take to keep the Mississippi in its present channel?
  13. How does sediment transport affect attempts to control the flow of the Mississippi?
  14. What is the ultimate fate of any river control project?
  15. Why are the processes which shape the land so poorly understood?