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Earth Science Final Exam Projects

Spring 2003 – Mrs. Whalen

Due: Monday, June 16, 2003 NO LATE PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!

Select the most appealing from the attached list of possible projects and activities. Each project requires completion of a typed bibliography detailing references used to complete the project (minimum of 3). Many projects require completion of a report or paper. Papers are to be no shorter than the stated minimum (usually 2-3 pages), double spaced (12 point font, 1" margins), plus references. Under no circumstances are you to just copy or cut and past information into your paper. If you must quote a reference, use the appropriate notation. Charts or graphs should be done in Excel.

You can use your textbook, the library, resources in the classroom, the internet, public documents and professionals as references, but you must reference them in your bibliography. Follow the attached Reference Guidelines (these are also available on-line at the class website )

Some projects require completion of a display. A display is more than a poster with pictures and text copied off the internet. If you copy material from the internet or other sources you will receive an "F" (and there will be NO second chances). If the project requires photographs, I recommend developing pictures on CD’s (you can do this with a disposable camera) or use a digital camera, so that photos can be edited. Keep accurate notes on what, where and when you photographed or videotaped and include it in your documentation.

All projects will be presented to your peers beginning Monday, June 16th. Everyone must be ready to present on that day. I expect presentations to take 3 class periods.

Final Exam Project Scoring Rubric

Scoring Element Potential Points
Completion of written report, video, or display – depending upon project selected – which meets the requirements of the assignment. Reminder, a display must be more than a poster with pictures copied off the internet.

Meets the requirements of the assignment.

Shows an understanding of the topic.

Well researched.


Adequate number of sources used. Seeks out more than one source of information (minimum of 3)


Referenced appropriately; includes bibliography in appropriate format, and identifying directly copied material and recording source.


Project is appropriate and carefully executed.


Class time and overall effort focused and on task


Project is creative, original, neat and inviting


Presentation – adequately prepared, strong clear voice, enunciates words, presenter maintains eye contact with audience


Overall, the project represents the individual’s full potential




REMEMBER. This is your final exam. It will not be accepted late!!!