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You will be looking at several visualizations on the computer at  Along the way there will be questions for you to answer. 


Start Here:                Go to

On the left hand side of the screen is a box for a keycode.  For each visualization enter the key code and click enter.


1.  Key code – ES2503 - Examine phases of the moon from Earth and space

Draw the phases of the moon in sequence from full moon and label them.















2.  Key code – ES2504 – Observe lunar eclipse

            In what direction does a lunar eclipse pass?  What colors are the shadow and why?










3.  Key code – ES2505 – Observe solar eclipse

            Describe the difference between total, partial and annular eclipses.









4.  Key code – ES2501 – Observe images illustration the impact theory of the moon’s formation

            What type of rock would you expect to find on the moon if the impact theory is correct?








5.  Key code – ES0408 – Model of Earth’s yearly revolution around the Sun

            Describe the tilt of the Northern Hemisphere towards the Sun in: