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Chapter 22 – The Sun

Things you should know for the quiz.

  1. What is the relative size of the sun compared to Earth?
  2. What are the two elements found in the sun?
  3. What type of nuclear reaction is occurring in the sun? How is it taking place?
  4. What are the six layers of the sun? What layers are the sun’s atmosphere?
  5. Know the characteristics and/or features of all the layers of the sun. Which can you see and when?
  6. How does temperature change from the interior of the sun to its surface? Is there anything unusual?
  7. What is unique about the sun’s rotation?
  8. What are sunspots? What is else is linked to sunspot production? How frequently do they occur?
  9. Describe the differences between solar flares, prominences, and coronal mass ejections (CME’s).
  10. What are auroras? How are they produced?
  11. Name several ways the Sun’s storms can produce changes on Earth.