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Review Questions for Chapter 20 – Telescopes and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Telescopes (reviewed separately for Telescope Quiz)

  1. What is refraction? 
    Bending of light by a lens, water, or particles

  2. What is reflection?
    Bouncing of light by a mirror or polished surface

  3. What is the function of a telescope?

  4. To collect light. Magnification of the image is the job of the eyepiece lens.
  5. What is the best location?

  6. Warm, dry climate to prevent expansion and contraction of the lenses. Away from lights, and preferably elevated, so there is less atmosphere to look through.
  7. Why use a dome?

  8. To keep the average night temperature and it makes it easier to view the whole sky.
  9. What are the 2 kinds of optical telescopes?

  10. Reflecting – uses mirrors, and Refracting – uses lenses
  11. What are the primary differences?

  13. What is an MMR?

  14. Multiple mirror telescope
  15. What is a CCD and why use it?

  16. Charge coupled device – light sensitive photocells that re able to collect more light than a regular photo
  17. What is a Schmidt telescope, and why use it?
    Wide angle view telescope, used for photography of sky