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Review Questions for Chapter 20 Telescopes and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Telescopes (reviewed separately for Telescope Quiz)

1.      What is refraction? 


2.      What is reflection?


3.      What is the function of a telescope?


4.      What is the best location?


5.      Why use a dome?


6.      What are the 2 kinds of optical telescopes?


7.      What are the primary differences?


8.      What is an MMR?


9.      What is a CCD and why use it?


10.  What is a Schmidt telescope, and why use it?



11.  Draw the 2 primary types of optical telescopes and label them.


Electromagnetic Spectrum

1.      What do all the energies in the electromagnetic spectrum have in common?


2.      What is frequency?


3.      What is wavelength?


4.      In the visible light spectrum, which color has the highest frequency?  The Lowest?


5.      What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength?


6.      As wavelength decreases, does the energy in the waves become more dangerous, or less dangerous?


Visible Light

1.      What instrument is used to break light up into individual wavelengths?


2.      What can be learned from the spectra of visible light coming from stars and outer space?


3.      What are the three different spectras?



4.      What type of spectra is the result of absorption of some of the wavelengths?


5.      What type of spectra is sunlight?


6.      What type of spectra is the result of the unique emissions from an element?


Doppler Effect and the Red Shift

1.      What is red shift?  And blue shift?


2.      How does the Doppler effect of sound relate to the red shift?