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Study Questions from Chapters 1 and 2 and The Nature of Science

The test on ____________ will may contain multiple choice, diagrams, short answer or matching. These questions will give you an idea of what type of things you need to study.

  1. What did the universe start out as?
  2. Is the outer core solid, liquid, or gas?
  3. Into what layer have we been able to drill down to?
  4. What shape is our Earth? What is the reason for this shape?
  5. What 3 pieces of evidence are there that the Earth is spherical?
  6. How does temperature change as you go below 20 meters? What about above 20 meters?
  7. What is a hypothesis?
  8. Draw and label a cross-section model of the structure of Earth.
  9. Does an object weigh the same at every point on the surface of Earth?
  10. What is differentiation? What role did it play in the origin of Earth?
  11. What role did volcanoes play in the formation of the ocean?
  12. What are the two most abundant elements in the Earth’s crust?
  13. What is the current hypothesis for the origin of the solar system?
  14. What is the evidence behind the current hypothesis for the origin of the solar system?
  15. What is density and how would you test an objects density?
  16. Who was the first scientist to calculate the Earth’s circumference?
  17. What are the two measurements you would need to make in order to calculate the circumference of Earth?
  18. Briefly explain how our current atmosphere developed.
  19. What two ways is the Earth not a perfect sphere?
  20. By what 3 methods is knowledge acquired in science?
  21. Which method is the most objective and why?
  22. What are the 8 steps in the Scientific Method?