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Chapter 14 – Volcanoes – Review Questions

Vocabulary terms you should know (some you have seen before) – igneous, felsic, mafic, intrusive/plutonic, extrusive/volcanic, texture, porphyry, magma, lava, subduction boundary eruption, divergent boundary / rift eruption, hot spot, volcano, volcanic neck, tephra, ash, lapilli, blocks, bombs, batholith, dike, laccolith, sill, pluton, cinder cone, shield cone, composite cone


1.      What are the similarities and differences between felsic and mafic molten material?






2.      How is the cooling rate of lava/magma related to texture?  Explain fully.






3.      What two factors affect the texture of an igneous rock?







4.      Which types of eruptions are most likely to be eject tephra?  What are the 3 types of tephra?








5.      How can mafic and felsic rocks be related to the density of oceanic and continental plates?






6.      Describe 3 environments which can cause volcanoes, and name an example of each.











7.      What is a hot spot, and what is believed to be the cause?







8.      How are the volcanic environments (question #6) related to plate tectonics?






9.      Describe and compare the 3 types of volcanic cones that form in terms of type of eruption, composition, size, and steepness of slope.















10.  Identify the proper shape and positions of plutonic intrusions (see page 264 in text to review).  Draw a picture.