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Earth Science


Basic Review and Introduction (Metric, Nature of Science)
    M&M Graphing Lab
    Money Trouble Lab - density of pennies - formal lab

Chapter 1: Origins of Earth
Chapter 2: Shape of Earth
Chapter 7: Mapping

Topographic Mapping Lab - measure elevation in 5 black boxes, computer model with Excel
    Mapping a Mountain - create contour map from clay mountain in water
    "How are Landforms Represented on Flat Maps?" - computer lab
    "What Time is It? - computer lab

Chapter 20: Telescopes and Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Building a Telescope Lab
    Using Spectroscope to Identify Spectra Lab
    Doppler Effect - computer lab

Chapter 21: Stars, Galaxies and Big Bang
    Make and Learn to Use Star Wheel Lab
    Map Activity, pg 392-393
    Create Timeline of Big Bang
    2nd Quarter CAPT Style Lab - Craters

Chapter 22.1: The Sun
    Search for the Sun - computer lab
Chapter 22.2: Planetary Motion
    Eccentricity of Orbits Lab - making ellipses with two points
Chapter 23: The Solar System
    Solar System Project - make planet, convert AU units to miles on Earth, & then to map scale
    Galilean Moons of Jupiter Lab

Chapter 24: Earth's Moon
    What if Earth and Moon Were Hit by Twin Asteroids - computer lab
    Visualizations of Moon - computer lab

Chapter 25: Earth's Motion
Measuring Parallax Inquiry Lab

Chapter 3:  Atoms to Minerals (Chemistry of minerals)

    Developing a Dichotomous Key:  Creating a Mineral ID Key Lab
Chapter 4: How to Know the Minerals
    Mineral Identification Lab
    CAPT Practice - thinking lab

Chapter 5: Rock Formation
    State CAPT Lab - Fire Extinguisher
Chapter 13: Plate Tectonics
    What is Earth's Crust Like? - computer lab
    Visualizations - computer lab
    Models of Plate Boundaries Lab- models with clay

Chapter 14:  Volcanoes
    How are Volcanoes Related to Plate Tectonics - computer lab
Chapter 15: Earthquakes
    Earthquake Resistant Structures Lab - make shake tables and buildings, then test them
    Finding Epicenter of Earthquake Lab

Chapter 16: Mountain Building
    Modeling Faults Lab - construct paper models then complete Pg. 302
Connecticut Geology
    Map Connecticut Bedrock Lab - make map and answer questions
Chapter 32: The Rock Record
Chapter 8: Weathering

    Chemical Weathering Inquiry Lab - also 4th quarter CAPT style lab
Chapter 9: Groundwater
    Porosity and Permeability Investigation - computer lab
    River Discharge Investigation - computer lab
    Field Trip - Porosity & Permeability Lab - difference between gravel, sand, soil
    Field Trip - Particle Size and Settling Time Lab
    Field Trip - Stream Tables by the Sea Lab
    Determining Groundwater Pollution - Groton Sub Base Lab - mapping movement of pollution

Chapter 10: Running Water
    Stream Divides and River Systems Mapping Lab
    Connecticut River Lab
    Analyzing Characteristics of a Local Stream

Chapter 11: Glaciers