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Amity High School - Earth Science
Mrs. Whalen
Brief Course Outline

1)       Basic Review and Introduction                             

a)      Nature of Science

b)      Measurement and Computation

c)      Origin of our Universe


2)      Mapping

a)      Coordinate systems

b)      Topographic maps

c)      GPS


3)      Astronomy                                                 

a)      Telescopes and EM Spectrum

b)      Stars and Galaxies

c)      Sun and Solar System

d)      Planets

e)      Moon

f)      Earth’s Motions


4)      Geology     

a)      Chemistry

b)      Minerals

c)      Rock Formation


5)      Building Up of Earth’s Crust

a)      Structure and Features

b)      Plate Tectonics

c)      Volcanism

d)      Earthquakes

e)      Mountains

f)      Resource Management

g)      Connecticut Geology


6)      Earth History

a)      Structural geology

b)      Geologic time and scale

c)      Dating rocks and fossils


7)      Surface Processes                        

a)      Soils Weathering Processes

b)      Groundwater

c)      Surface Water

d)       Glaciers