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Welcome to Conceptual Chemistry

This page last edited May 31, 2004
Period 2 Class - Assignments, Due Dates and Links to More Information

Date Topics & Activities Assignments & Information
9/2 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  Introduction, syllabus, class rules, expectations  
9/3 EARLY DISMISSAL - PLUMBING ISSUE.  Student information cards and handout completed  
9/4 Lab: Cube Lab Part 1 & 2; introduction to "A Civil Action"  
9/5 Introduction to chemistry in real life. "A Civil Action" video.  H/O video guide and vocabulary.  9/10-vocabulary due
9/8 Continue "A Civil Action" 9/12-Quiz - A Civil Action
9/9 Finish "A Civil Action".  Distribute safety contract. 9/10-vocabulary due
9/11 -
Parent to sign safety contract
9/10 Check homework and review vocabulary; Assign essay; Review common chem. lab equipment.  Review use of triple beam balance. 9/11-Parent signature on safety contract to work in lab
9/11 LAB: M&M graphing; review graphing and data table format; Graphing h/o 9/12- Quiz- A Civil Action
9/16- M&M Lab Due
9/12 Quiz-A Civil Action; Metric Again h/o; Review metric-metric conversions  
9/15 Review metric conversions; Metric w/s; review Civil Action quiz; 9/16-M&M Lab Due
9/19-Safety Quiz
9/22-Metric Quiz
9/16 Review safety procedures; practice fire drill; review common lab equipment  
9/17 Chp 1: Supplying Our Water Needs
Chp 1A Water Quality
Directed reading w/s pg 2-3
9/19-Safety Quiz
9/22-Metric Quiz
9/18 PreLab - Foul Water Lab w/s Must have all safety contracts
9/19 QUIZ: Safety
1A LAB:  Foul Water
- complete before end of class
M 9/22 QUIZ: Metric; Finish Foul Water Lab calculations, "Bill Nye" - The Water Cycle  
T 9/23 Directed reading w/s pg 11-18; The Water Cycle; vocabulary for Chapter 1A  
W 9/24 Factor-Label calculations and w/s; conversion h/o; 1A Summary questions w/s  
TH 9/25 Complete 1A Summary questions and review in class. Tue 9/30-QUEST - Chp 1A
F 9/26 Chp 1A vocabulary and review questions.  Review and discuss in class. Tue 9/30-QUEST - Chp 1A
M 9/29 1B Physical Properties of Chemicals.  Density, calculation of density, displacement volume
Demo: Density column with brass, aluminum, Karo syrup, glycerin, rubber, ethylene glycol, plastic, water, oil, wood, ice, isopropyl alcohol, cork
B1 LAB: Determining Density of Pennies
Quest tomorrow - Chp 1A
T 9/30 QUEST: Chp 1A; Graphing information from penny lab  
W 10/1 Demo: Coke vs. Diet Coke - why is the soda you want always on the bottom?  Calculating density, calculating slope; Review Quest  
Th10/2 LAB: Internet Density Lab in library computer classroom  
F 10/3 Classification of Matter. Introduce Substance and Mixtures; concept map of matter 10/10 - Element information from last 2 digits of your phone number
T 10/7 Demo: Chemical Sunset; Substances vs. Mixtures; Elements to Learn List; Introduce Element Bingo; 1B2 Classification of Matter w/s  
W 10/8 LAB: 1B3 Chemical Mixtures and the Tyndall Effect  
Th 10/9 Read pg 21-23 aloud.  Unique properties of water.  Element Bingo  
F 10/10 Read "Clean Water and Edward Frankland".  Answer questions on w/s Element information due Tues.
M 10/13 HOLIDAY  
T 10/14 Post lab questions. Element Bingo Remember field trip
W 10/15 World of Chemistry" Episode 12 "Water". W/S on video.
Nature of Matter w/s for homework
Th10/16 Review Nature of Matter of w/s; Peterson's h/o on matter
Demo: Isopropyl alcohol and water
F 10/17 Quiz: Nature of Matter
Lab: Ziplock Chemical Change
, Element Bingo
M 10/20 Chemical symbols, formulas, and equations; counting atoms in a formula; 1B.5 Focus Assignment from pg. 28  
T 10/21 Review 1B.5; Your Turn pg. 29; Element Bingo without element list  
W 10/22 Complete Chemical Change Lab Questions as homework; Lecture on atom, subatomic particles, and reading Periodic Table; Vocabulary 1B w/s; B1-4 Puzzle due Thursday Tue 10/28 Element Quiz
Mon 10/27 Vocabulary due
Th10/23 Finish puzzle; collect Chemical Change Labs; Work on Vocabulary - due Monday; Element Bingo Tue 10/28 Element Quiz
Remember field trip
F 10/24 B6 Focus Assignment w/s; Element Bingo  
M 10/27 Check vocabulary; Lecture ions - difference between cations and cations.  Periodic Table h/o, Ions & Ionic Compounds h/o
LAB:B8-Water Testing for Presence of Ions
T 10/28 QUIZ: Elements
Elements vs. Ions - Identifying ions from the Periodic Table; Octet Rule
W 10/29 Ions, Polyatomic ions
Criss-cross method to write chemical formulas
Th10/30 Identify elements in chemical formula w/s; Counting atoms of each element 11/5 - QUIZ - Ions and chemical formulas
F 10/31 Happy Halloween. Research famous chemist in computer lab.  Gather sufficient information to make chemistry graveyard using headstones of famous chemists.  
M 11/3 Review ions; Chemical formulas - reactants and products; Law of Conservation of Matter; counting molecules and atoms  
W 11/5 QUIZ - Ions, Law of Conservation of Matter, counting atoms and molecules
LAB: Paper Lab - Making Ionic Compounds
Th11/6 Writing chemical formulas with polyatomic ions; Naming ionic compounds  
F 11/7 Writing chemical formulas with polyatomic ions; Naming ionic compounds 11/12-TEST - IONS AND CHEMICAL FORMULAS
M 11/10 TEACHER ABSENT.  Study Questions for Test on Wed.  
T 11/11 No school. 11/12-TEST - IONS AND CHEMICAL FORMULAS
Th11/13 Review test.  Ionic compounds w/s 11/14-Complete ionic compounds w/s as homework
F 11/14 Review worksheet.  Naming ionic compounds w/s.
LAB: Mixture separation.  Learning how to create a flowchart, writing a laboratory procedure from a flowchart
Field trip to Hayden Planetarium on Tues. Nov. 18
M 11/17 1C Solubility:  Introduction to solubility, the Lake Nyos tragedy  
T 11/18 Field Trip to Hayden Planetarium and the Rose Center.  Click on link for schedule.
Return to high school between 5:30-6PM
Students not attending field trip have alternate assignments and should report to the library.
Fri 11/21 Quiz-Ionic Compounds
W 11/19 Read pg 39-40; discuss solubility; define terms and relationship to solubility curve Quiz Friday-Ionic Compounds
Th11/20 Read pg 41-42; Your Turn; calculating solution from graph
Additional help available during study hall and after school
Quiz tomorrow
F 11/21 QUIZ: Writing formula and name of ionic compounds
Using solubility curves
M 11/24 LAB: Mixture Separation CAPT Lab  
T 11/25 Shortened period due to SADD assembly.  
W 11/26 Early dismissal.  Shortened periods. Dec. 10-Make rock candy and peanut brittle in solubility lab
M 12/1 Finish all CAPT labs, Review ionic compounds quiz  
T 12/2 Interpreting Data from Solubility Curves w/s Complete worksheet for homework if not completed in class
W 12/3 Review "Interpreting" worksheet; Solubility Curves w/s as pop quiz  
Th 12/4 LAB: 1C.3 Solubility Lab - create solubility curve of ammonium chloride QUIZ on solubility Tues. 12/9
F 12/5 Make poster illustrating solubility of salts and gases in real life situations (sugar in coffee, carbonation of soda, etc.) Remember Quiz Tuesday!
M 12/8 Finish solubility posters; review solubility questions Quiz tomorrow - solubility
T 12/9 QUIZ - SOLUBILITY In kitchen tomorrow for solubility lab
W 12/10 LAB: Rock Candy and Peanut Brittle How is solubility related to making candy?  
Th 12/11 You Decide - Graphing dissolved oxygen content  
F 12/12 TEACHER ABSENT: Nova "The Big Spill", details the events of the Exxon Valdez.  Study questions to answer h/o  
M 12/15 90 MIN. DELAY.  1C.5 "You Decide" graphing DO concentrations  
T 12/16 Complete graphs and answer questions  
W 12/17 Introduction to acids & bases; 1C.6 Acid contamination h/o complete in class  
Th 12/18 World of Chemistry #16 - The Proton in Chemistry; complete #16 w/s; Acids and bases; review w/s  
F 12/19 Acid rain; Read "Acid on the Wind" and answer questions.  
M 12/22 LAB: pH Lab Make red cabbage pH indicator and test pH of household materials with 3 indicators  
T 12/23 EARLY DISMISSAL: Study hall  
M  1/5

Distribute & review 1C notes handout; Review writing formulas for ionic compounds;  Naming ionic compounds worksheet, due by end of class. 

Quiz on pH Thurs. 1/8
T 1/6 With textbooks (which are on cart in room 265) complete 1C9 Heavy metals worksheet by end of class.  Pg 56-59  
W 1/7

With textbook, pg. 58; complete 1C10 “You Decide” worksheet by end of class. Review pH from Monday’s handout for tomorrow’s quiz.  Complete Double Puzzle.  If not completed in class, then complete as homework

Quiz tomorrow - pH
Th 1/8 QUIZ: pH  
F 1/9 Water purification.  With textbook, pg 63-64 and 67-79; complete 1D1-1D3 “Water Purification” worksheet.
LAB: Element Research Lab
Wed. 1/21-Test Unit 1
Complete w/s 1D1-1D3
T 1/13 Hard water - causes, ions present, treatment of
Complete 1D4 "Municipal Water Purification" w/s
W 1/14 Prepare for Unit 1 test and mid-term by dividing up review areas and making games and worksheets to encourage review  
T 1/20 Continue preparing mid-term review materials. Mid-Term Review Outline;  Unit 1 vocabulary; " A Civil Action Vocabulary"; Elements You Need to Know Changed to Thu. 1/22-Test Unit 1
W 1/21 Review metric conversions, calculation of density, use mid-term review outline to discuss unique characteristics of water, where is water found, etc.  Review materials due Thu.  
Th 1/22 Mid-term review period 3 combined with Mr. DeNicola's class.  Run games and worksheets that students developed on ionic compounds, metric conversions, A Civil Action, vocabulary, density  
F  1/23 Mid-term review:  Chemical equation including product, reactant, subscript, coefficient; chemical formulas, substance vs. mixture, ionic charges, subatomic particles  
Mid-term review: solubility and flowcharting
T 1/27 7:40-9:05  Period 1 Exam
9:20-10:45 Period 2 Exam
10:55-12:15 Makeup Exam
Study for Mid Term Exams
W 1/28 SNOW DAY  
Th1/29 7:40-9:05  Period 3 Exam
9:20-10:45 Period 4 Exam
10:55-12:15 Makeup Exam
Study for Mid Term Exams
F 1/30 7:40-9:05  Period 5 Exam
9:20-10:45 Period 6 Exam
10:55-12:15 Makeup Exam
Study for Mid Term Exams
M 2/2 7:40-9:05  Period 7 Exam
9:20-10:45 Makeup Exam
10:55-12:15 Makeup Exam
Study for Mid Term Exams
T 2/3 Review mid-term exam and get grades.
UNIT 2: Resources
Natural resources; difference between renewable and non-renewable resources
Hmk: what are 14K gold, pewter and brass made of?  why?
W 2/4 Define ore & alloy and relationship to physical properties and resource utilization
Pg 95-99, 2A5-6 w/s; Review w/s in class
Th 2/5 Lecture and Demo: Chemical & Physical Properties
Chemical & Physical Change; Chem/Physical Change w/s
QUIZ-WED. 2/11-Chem/Physical Properties and Change
F 2/6 SNOW DAY  
M 2/9 Review chem/phys change w/s
Counting atoms; role of subscripts and coefficients; Law of Conservation of Matter; Balancing chemical equations
Hmk: Balance equation on board at hom
T 2/10 LAB: Chemical & Physical Change Stations
2C1 Supplement w/s-Keeping track of atoms
Complete w/s as homework
Quiz tomorrow
W 2/11 QUIZ: Chem & Physical Properties & Change
Review 2C1-w/s; start 2C2 w/s-Balancing Equations
No homework
Th 2/12 Finish 2C2-w/s on Balancing Equations.  Review  
F 2/13 Review balancing equations. Quiz Th 2/26 Balancing Equations
M 2/23 Review counting atoms, balancing equations
Balancing equations w/s due by tomorrow
T 2/24 Check homework, Review w/s Remember Quiz Thursday
W 2/26 LAB: "STRIKING IT RICH" Turn a penny to "gold"  
Th 2/27 QUIZ: Balancing Equations  
F 2/28 Return quizzes.  If you received <70%, you may retake quiz for maximum of 70%.
Answer lab questions pg 90-91; Review Lab
Trends of the Periodic Table
CAPT Lab Per 2/3, Fri Mar 12
Hints to Ace the CAPT Lab
M 3/1 TEACHER ILLNESS.  "Chemical and Biological Weapons" History Channel Video  
T 3/2 Trends of Periodic Table; groups, period, valence electrons, atomic number, atomic mass.  Illustrate periodic table  
W 3/3 Trends of Periodic Table.  Calculating quantity of protons, neutrons and electrons in neutral elements and ions If not retaking CAPT lab get permission from parent/guardian
Th 3/4 Complete w/s calculating p+,n, e- from atomic mass & number for an element and ion; Pg 108-109 Your Turn  
F 3/5 Finish graphs for pg 109; Periodic variation w/s (by end of class)  
M 3/8 Periodic variation by Group #; Periodic Table Puzzle w/s 3/16 Quiz: Trends of Periodic Table
T 3/9 Ions and valence electrons; Periodic Table w/s (for grade)  
W 3/10 2B1-Properties Make the Difference w/s  
Th 3/11 Video - "Making of Liberty". Construction and overhaul of the Statue of Liberty.  Aging due to galvanic action.  
M 3/15 LAB: Metal Reactivities  
T 3/16 QUIZ: Trends of Periodic Table - calculating electrons, protons, neutrons from atomic # and mass; Group # information  
W 3/17 90 Min. Delay.  Metal reactivity and Statue of Liberty.  
Th 3/18 90 Min Delay.  Introduction to the Mole.  
F  3/19 SNOW DAY No School Monday - Staff Development
3/23-24 Teacher scheduled to grade CAPT Labs
M 3/22 NO SCHOOL - Staff Development  
T 3/23 TEACHER ABSENT - Class in computer lab
Webquest - Fireworks
W 3/24 TEACHER ABSENT - Mole revisited.  Gram formula mass w/s; Your turn Pg. 126  
Th 3/25 Finish Gram Formula Mass w/s.  Molar mass and relationship to number of molecules  
F 3/26 Molar mass to moles & reverse.  Moles & Mass w/s  
M 3/29 Calculation of percent composition; w/s % composition  
T 3/30 CAPT EXAMS: F day - No Per 2,4,7; always Per 5; classes begin at 10:15am
No class
W 3/31 CAPT EXAMS: A day - No Per 1,3,6; always Per 5; classes begin at 10:15am
Class 9:45-11:08 Percent composition.  Pg 134 Q1-3
Tue 4/6 - Quiz-Molar mass; moles; percent composition
Th 4/1 CAPT EXAMS: B day - No Per 2,4,7; always Per 5; classes begin at 10:15am
No class
F 4/2 CAPT EXAMS: C day - No Per 1,3,6; always Per 5; classes begin at 10:40am
Class 10:10-11:08
M 4/5 CAPT EXAMS: D day - No Per 1,2,7; always Per 5; classes begin at 10:25am
No class
T 4/6 CAPT EXAMS: E day - No Per 3,4,6; always Per 5; classes begin at 10:10am
Per 2 meets.
Quiz-Molar mass; moles; percent composition
W 4/7 CAPT EXAMS: F day - No Per 1,2,7; always Per 5; classes begin at 10:25am
No class
Th 4/8 CAPT EXAMS: A day - No Per 2,3,4,6; always Per 5; classes begin at 11:08am
No class
M 4/12 Quizzes were terrible!!!  Review of mole, molar mass, percent composition.  4/13 Quiz-Molar mass; moles; percent composition
T 4/13 Quiz - Mole, molar mass, % composition  
W 4/14 UNIT 3
Natural resources; renewable vs. non-renewable
Th 4/15 Info from BP- oil & gas production worldwide, oil & gas consumption ww; link to international policy and war  
F 4/16 NOVA: UFO's Enjoy spring break.  See ya in a week.
M 4/26 Review renewable & non-renewable resources; complete 3A w/s - Pg. 152; work on 3A w/s -pg. 156  
T 4/27 Define hydrocarbon, crude oil, refining, fractionating tower; Look at fractionating tower and refining process and relationship to boiling point; finish W/S 3A-pg. 156  
W 4/28 Introduction to writing formulas for hydrocarbons; covalent bonds; Lewis dot drawing; H/O Unit 3.B
LAB: B.3 Viscosity - complete questions as homework for tomorrow
Th 4/29 Chemcom 3.B w/s Pg. 158-166 - Answer questions  
F 4/30 TEACHER ABSENT DUE TO ILLNESS: Video - "Einstein Revealed"  
M 5/3 Lecture: Lewis dot structures, covalent bonding, alkanes, structural and molecular formulas
W/S 3A.5 Electron configurations
T 5/4 DEMO: Distillation of Cherry Coke; review Lewis Dot, structural and molecular formulas
LAB: Making models of alkanes
5/12 TEST 3.B-Resources, fractionation of crude oil, alkanes
W 5/5 Review calculating molar mass; finish lab reports; structure of hydrocarbons and isomers  
Th 5/6 Graph boiling point of alkanes w/s (complete by end of class)  
F 5/7 Complete review worksheet "Reading Guide" Chp 3.B  
M 5/10 Review for Test on Wed. Assign research projects. 5/12 TEST 3.B-Resources, fractionation of crude oil, alkanes
W 5/12 TEST: Chp 3.B Resources, Fractionation of crude oil, alkanes, viscosity, boiling point, isomers  
Th 5/13 Chp 3.C Energy transformations/conversions.  Radiant energy to chemical energy to mechanical energy
H/O 3.C Summary
F 5/14 Energy conversions; "Your Turn" pg. 178-179 $5 for Monday if you want breakfast at car show Tuesday.
M 5/15 Make posters for Car show on diesel engine, hybrid, gasoline engine, solar car
How do engines work?
T 5/16 Outside:  CAR SHOW  
W 5/17 How does a 4 stroke engine work?  Engine h/o
"How a car is built" 1995 video
Th 5/18 Endothermic versus exothermic reactions; basic combustion reaction; finish video
Review calculations in class
F 5/19 Teacher Absent due to illness.  See hybrid car.  Read "Make Vroom for Hybrids" and answer questions on w/s  
M 5/24 Complete lab by answering questions on pg 189.  
T 5/25 Combustion reactions and energy calculations.  "Your Turn" pg. 191  
W 5/26 Finish "Your Turn"; What is octane?  
Th 5/27 Shortened period due to assembly and senior picnic.   
F 5/28 Alkanes, alkenes, alkynes; alcohol, monomers & polymers

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