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Sample CAPT Questions - Earth's Natural Resources

As a result of studying the Earth’s natural resources:

Students understand that the Earth has various natural resources important to all living organisms.

bulletDescribe how essential natural resources (i.e., air, water, soil and minerals) vary in their abundance, and explain the importance of conservation and recycling of natural resources. (EIIA1)

1. Explain how waste that is deposited in a landfill can contaminate nearby water sources. (MO)





2. Which of the following is a renewable resource?

a. wood
b. aluminum
c. oil
d. quartz

3. In general, less energy is needed to produce a product from recycled material than from new material. This is one reason why we should recycle. Another reason to recycle is because

a. recycling reduces the amount of resources available for our use.
b. recycling reduces the amount of waste that is burned or buried in landfills.
c. our natural resources occur in unlimited amounts.
d. increasing the amount of fossil fuel burned decreases environmental pollution.


bulletDescribe sources of fresh water and the importance of water to life. (EIIA2)

wpeE.jpg (22199 bytes)

4. Referring specifically to the system shown in the diagram above, explain why fresh water is a natural resource that is renewable.





Students understand the use of the Earth’s natural resources by humans.

bulletDescribe renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy and the advantages and disadvantages of their use. (EIIB1)

5. Which of the following energy sources is the best example of a nonrenewable resource?

a. coal
b. wind
c. water
d. sunlight

6. All of the following are considerations when planning a nuclear power facility EXCEPT

a. emission of chemicals that produce acid rain.
b. disposal of radioactive waste.
c. thermal pollution of surrounding waterways.
d. location of earthquake fault zone.

7. The country of Iceland uses geothermal energy as a primary source of heat. Hot water is pumped from the ground and used to heat most of Iceland’s homes and businesses. What is the source of the energy that produces the hot water?

a. magma within Earth’s crust
b. the insulating effect of snow and ice
c. warm water from the Gulf Stream
d. friction caused by continental drift

bulletUse maps to identify geological features and determine locations, scales and directions. (EIIB2)