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CAPT Test Information

Each spring Amity's sophomores will participate in both CAPT testing and the CAPT task (or lab).  Information regarding the CAPTs is available on the web from the Connecticut Department of Education website.

CAPT testing in the science areas is detailed in Connecticut Academic Performance Test - Second Generation, Science Handbook, 2001 (143 pp.) which can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader at

To assist sophomores in my Earth Science class, I have copied the expectations and sample questions related to Earth Science.  Click on the links below to check your understanding.   To review questions in other areas, go to the above website.

bulletEarth's History and Dynamics
bulletEarth's Resources

Students in Earth Science have performed several of the past CAPT tasks in preparation for this year's task.  For more information on sample CAPT tasks, go to the Dept. of Education website.

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